The Power of Mentors

The Power of Mentors was produced as we work to secure the funding for our first feature 'This Field Looks Green to Me. In our movie, we explore what life was like in 1950's, to bring us a perspective on our world today. Set in a small Appalachian coal mining town we take a look at how the Jim Crow laws of the south affected not only adults but children on both sides of the color line. Today’s kids have different challenges: gangs, guns, and opioids. And though they are living in two different times, the question remains the same: How do you manage to grow up without getting caught in the web of prejudice and violence?

The Green Fields Initiative is an outcome of our film that we are currently developing and it is designed to bring kids and local law enforcement together by building ball fields and relationships in the urban and rural areas to prevent gang and drug involvement.

Daylan Jernigan is a Senior at St. Edward High School in Cleveland, Ohio
Teon Smith is a Junior at St. Edward High School in Cleveland, Ohio

These young men are two fine example of the young men, and women, who just need someone to step in and bring a little bit of hope to their world. Giving hope to kids is so important. If kids don’t have hope, they will never have the opportunity to dream about a better life.